Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pure Hell - Noise Addiction (1978)

I saw these guys in '78, brought the single "These
Boots Are Made For Walking" and then they went
back to the USA and slipped of my radar.

They should of been huge - great stage presence,
catchy as fuck songs, a guitar player who buzz-sawed
riffs and solos all over the place and a sneery vocalist
who could of sung for the Dead Boys.

Back in 2005, this CD came out with tracks I had never
seen before. they had recorded an album worths of
material in '78 but only now had it been released.

If you wanna hear a cross between the Damned & Dead Boys,
give this a listen.

Curtis Knight - the guy who hired Hendrix to play as a backing
guitarist, produced the single!

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