Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Real Cool Time ........ end of transmission.

And so, my faithful download monkeys, it is time for me to depart.

I have had a real cool time and achieved everything I set out to do
but lately it has become a chore thinking about reviews and listening
to prospective new music that has been sent to me. 

With so much great music coming out every day, I just wanna listen
to new shit and groove out to the sounds and jump up and down
and bang my head without thinking about how I will write about it.

I have 2 music collaborations coming and some more Zeppheroin ideas
floating around and want to put my passion into making my own
awesome music instead of commenting on someone else's. 

But dry your tears dear readers, I will still be guiding your musical tastes for
I am joining the wonderful and head banging freek, Joop at Stoner HiVe
as a guest reviewer for the few albums that still inspire me and each month
on BIL I will give a brief rundown on what will make your life better.

Big thanks and kisses to Doug E Dogg and Matthieu WetFox Blog
for helping out with words and reviews for me. Often bewildering,
funny, informative or plain wrong, these dudes added to the rich tapestry of
your reading enjoyment.

A big shout out to my blog brothers:
Joop at Stoner HiVe
Steve at Sludgelord
Artus at Archiv Hate
Lucas at Paranoid Hitsophrenic

Many glasses of strong drinks to be raised to the guys
who started me off with words of encouragement and more
importantly exposed me to music that I would never otherwise of heard:

Joel and Luke - you fucking guys rule!

Most thanks to anyone who read my words of drivel over the years -
I would like to thank each and every one of you but probably
cannot be bothered.


I will leave you with these last words of wisdom:

I am right and you are wrong.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Fu Manchu- Gigantoid

Up here on the top floor of Maim Towers, I look out over you,
the little people and decide which words of wisdom to type
in the hope that my music choices can bring some hope into
the lives you lead.

I do get a lot of shit send that I have to sift through and within
quite a short while, I can tell if I like it enough to review.

But Stoner music is quite hard to rate. Just the very basic set up,
the sound, the tunes etc mean that even an average band will have
moments of toe tapping and head nodding.

So when an album like "Gigantoid" drops on my earphones,
all of a sudden, the dross is blown away and the sheer
excellence of this offering is plain to see.

I will not give you a track by track review - I will get
straight to the question you need to know:

Is it any good?

Yeah, it's fucking great. 

Groove-ridden monster riffs, screaming solos, heavy backing,
punk mixed with classic rock, stoner desert blues - this is a return
to former glories without a doubt. My heart has been lifted and my
soul cleansed - much jumping up and down with added nodding power.

This is the good shit.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

An Unfinished Life - Expose and Demons

 from: England sounds like: metallic hardcorejust one song:grind

 The Ghost Tape

A moonless drive on their way back to Plymouth. The night is quiet. Outside, nothing but an hesitant wind. Inside, the engine, four snoring half-drunk musicians, and a driver, fighting against tiredness, still wondering why the fuck he chose the Moors instead of the A38's. It smells like sweat and cheap beer. Empty bags of crisps lost between the amps, stuck under the guitar cases, wrapped around cables. 
Nothing but an unknown japanese van, old and beige, crossing the rustling emptiness on its way back to Newton Abbot, what’s left of the night, and a well-deserved rest.
Just around Combeston wood, when the B3357 meets an unnamed path , the drummer/driver closes his eyes for half the half of a second.
Just enough time for a gigantic truck to appear on the right.
No lights out, no motor sound. Probably no driver.
And no survivor.
            Next summer. Unexpected heat all over the south of England. Kate and her over-suntanned anorexic brainless crew are on their way to a festival in Brighton. One of her fuck friends is behind the wheel, not liking the way this trip started. The weather is already exhausting, the beer is already insipid, the babbling of the girls is already getting on his nerves. But not as much as the fact of being forced to leave his brand new deep blue Honda Civic in a lousy garage in Yelverton. And not as much as the fact of being forced to drive that shitty dusty rusty whining old van, beige as an un-celebrated MILF’s ass, and slower than Kate cerebral impulses.
The gossip at the back is ending, and the girls are asking for some music. No way to plug any of their IPods to the old radio-cassette player. When they try, in vain, to get any radio signal, they suddenly notice they are in the middle of a kind of nowhere people usually call: “the Moors”. Not a very LOL situation.
But Amy just found a tape under the passenger seat. Black, with three words carved in the plastic. An Unfinished Life.
Why not?
It whiffs for a few seconds, like echos of the hot breeze whirling around their expensive flat caps and haircuts.
But then come the noise.
It’s harsh, it’s raw, and sounds so much unlike their well maintained faces and nicely cut clothes they’d rather cry than go on listening to that shit for a second more.
Chris promptly presses the eject button.
But the tape won’t stop.
I never needed you, you always needed me. 
That's what the tape says. And the music fills the habitacle as a tribe of famished vampire bats would do when entering the donor centre on Derriford road. No more LOL, no more YOLO, just mid-tempi loudly pounding their ears. Cold madness that goes beyond madness, like witnessing an alcoholic mum repeatly stabbing her thirteen years old daughter.
Chris presses the Off button.
But the tape won’t stop.
When sleeping is not my addiction.
That's what the tape shouts. And Chris tries to tear the cassette player out.
I can smell shame in your breathe. 
That's what the tape yells. And Chris tries to drown it in warm beer. To smash it with his fists. And Kate tries to cover the hellish noise with high-pitch screams.
But the tape won’t stop.
And, even worse, it is auto-reverse.
And, even worse, the doors decided to lock themselves.
And, even worse, the engine just puffed and died.
And, even worse, they are stuck in the middle of deserted crossroad.
Thanks God there is no high-speed demonic truck coming on their right.
Well... it seems that the last lesson Life is going to teach them is to never thank God too early: a shadow quickly falls over the van, and its subsequent tangible following just dissolves the old carcass and its occupants into pieces and fluids that will dry and rot in the bushes around for the next thirty six hours.

            Winter. Angela’s Twingo is dead, and she really needs a four-wheel adjuvant to daily reach her uncomfortable chair behind that Tesco cash desk. That’s why she’s here, freezing among the sparse rows of second-to-fifteenth-hand cars. Her budget decides for her: it will be this old beige Nissan. Hopefully it would last till Rob-the-Bastard remembers to pay her her maintenance.
When she is trying to find that bloody handle to get the driver’s seat closer to the wheel, her hand found a greasy bunch of unknown material. It’s a bag of crisps, and it contains a black tape shaterred with pale crumbs.
She grimaces in disgust, and doesn't even try to read the carved words on the plastic No time to lose, the boss is waiting, the customers are waiting, a brand new shitty working day is stamping behind the horizon. She opens her windows, throws everything away, wipes her fingers on her uniform, switches the ignition and sighs. The engine started right away, which is always a good sign...

Expose my Demons on the Unfinished Life bandcamp (where you can get it for free)
on yutubi
the facebook
the big cartel

Some objectivity and clearer review:
PigsquealsandBreaKdow: "I am usually not one for this type of music, but Expose My Demons is good." What else can I say?...

Words by Matthieu

Monday, 16 June 2014

Electric Citizen - Sateen

Electric Citizen are a rock band first and foremost. 

Early Pentagram is evident in some of the song compositions but this 
is over-shadowed by the heavy fuzzed, psych rock action that fuel these 
modern retro rockers.

Laura Dolan sings clear and loud with melodic bite and before 
long, Sabbath meets early Heart springs to mind. With none of
the Occult/Hammer overtones that seem to be the template for a lot
retro '70's bands, Electric Citizen instead have produced an album
full of authentic grooves and quick fire rockers that make me want
to dig out some flares and show the world how real air guitar is 

For a first album, this shows a band with tunnel vision when it comes
to getting their raw sound out to the world. Coming out on July 1st,
this is going to feature heavily in my summer soundtrack.

Play the track below and feel the love.

Get from RidingEasy Records


Thanks to Richard from Sheltered Life for sending this to me.

Archiv Hate - Issue No 10

Time once again to expand your mind as the
best looking and interesting web 'zine celebrates
issue no 10.

Long awaited Archiv Hate zine series #X. Great people have 
joined us, some of these words you will hear for the first time. 
Enjoy the interview with Topon Das of amazing Fuck The Facts 
& Merdarahta. Cover art is made by Dawid Schindler of Wroclaw 
based hardcore/ punk quartet Torn Shore. Latvian guy Jānis 
Kuzminskis shares details on building AttAck guitars. 
Danial Gambler is soaking hands deep in blood to deliver 
craziest stories on album reviews. Arturs Vilmanis did his first 
ever review on Maxime Taccardi OMM (one man metal)
 project K.F.R - كافر. Excellent chat with graphic designer 
Olaf Schindler, read every single word he says! 
Morgan Gleave sharing story of The Baba Yaga, a mythical 
female figure from Russian folklore. And big horns up goes 
to Michael Rekevics of Vilkacis!

It is free, which is amazing for this piece of on-line music/art
project. If you have not given it a go before, be brave now!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Young Widows - Easy Pain

Young Widows are back with their 4th album “Easy Pain” 
and they have found the intersection between ugliness and beauty. 

For a three piece, the music throbs,  judders and face-melts
with noise rock and post hardcore intelligence and aggression.

Guitarist Evan Patterson’s vocals are right down in the mix, giving
an impression of suffocation and trapped anguish that convey the
tension that is evident within the song structures. With a shit
hot rhythm section playing like tightly coiled springs, the
dynamics of the guitar are able to explode with fret-mangling
chords and spastic lead attacks.

Like a three way fuckathon between The Jesus Lizard, The Bad
Seeds and The Gun Club, the resulting offspring is grimy, seedy
and shot through with menace, bourbon and cheap drugs.

Restraint controlled with menace is a hard trick to pull off
but Young Widows have done just that with their best album
so far.

Highly recommended.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Black Majik Acid gig

Music fiends and earhole abusers - the very fine and quite
possibly unhinged unit known as Black Majik Acid are
playing with a slew of other like minded beat combos.

If you live in the Sacramento area, go fucking see them.

Long live the underground.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Fucked Up are a punk band.

But how do you remain a punk band when you’re on 
magazine covers, or sharing stadium stages with the Foo Fighters?

Those are the questions that Fucked Up asks on “Glass Boys.” 
And they ask those questions in the form of a blazing, titanic, 
ultimately triumphant rock album. 

Their last album, “David Comes To Life” was a double LP 
with a sprawling collection of tracks and ambition. This time around, 
ten tracks manage to convey how others and indeed themselves deal with 
the perception of fame. As always, there is a depth of layers to the 
sonic barrage that will bear repeated listens.

Dense, heavy guitars drive these tracks along with controlled 
feedback and a vortex of sonic savagery but with the melodic 
arrangements turned up to “epic”, you have the paradox that is 
Fucked Up - brutal, searing riffs that have the power to uplift the 
spirit with song passages of tuneful grace and surging 
chorus structures.

“Pink Eyes” still sings like this will be his last chance to 
communicate with the world before his head explodes with his 
passion and commitment. This album will be in my best of the year list. 
Highly recommended.

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Posts still slow

Still job hunting, still running around
trying to sort things out. 

I will post when I can but hopefully will soon be able to fill your 
empty lives with my wise words and wisdom.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Boris - Noise

Do not be mislead by the album title “Noise”. Anyone who is 
expecting another “Heavy Rocks” will have to think again. Boris 
have said they wanted this album to sum up everything they have done 
in the past.

So naturally, this is a fucking masterpiece. Throughout the album’s 8 
song, 58 minute duration, the band masterfully intermingles sludge-rock, 
blistering crust punk, shimmering shoegaze, epic thunderous doom, 
psychedelic melodies and just about everything else they’ve ever done. 

Returning to their classic trio lineup, guitarist/vocalist Wata has upped 
her game of sonic exploration and produced some stunning work that 
redefines the term ‘epic’. Some of the fastest songs they have tackled 
are sprayed over this album, driven by frenzied psychedelic riffing. 

Elsewhere colossal doom rubs shoulders with shoegaze atmospherics 
which lead into delicate tracks of shimmering vocals and contemplation. 
“Angel” is the album’s nearly 19-minute epic centerpiece that builds from 
entrancing chiming guitar notes and softly pulsing toms, ultimately 
breaking into a massive wall of drop-tuned sludge and a howling 
guitar lead reminiscent of Boris tracks “Feedbacker” and “Flood.” 
The song continues to shift gears several times as it builds in tension 
and emotion toward a very satisfying resolution, taking the entire track 
full circle to where it began.

This is the good stuff.

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Thanks to Sargent House Records for sending this to me.